Helpful Septic System FAQs for Home & Business in Port Orchard and Poulsbo including Pierce, Kitsap & Mason Counties

Your septic system manages wastewater from your home or business while preserving the health and wellness of your family and the environment. More than just a septic design, installation, repair and maintenance contractor, A + Onsite is also a resource for questions about your system. Our professional team is highly trained, licensed, bonded and insured. Feel free to call us when you need help. These septic system FAQs will get you started.
Helpful Septic System FAQs

What are the components of a septic system?

  • Septic tank with inlet & outlet baffles (filters) & general access riser
  • Pump tank with pump
  • Aerobic tank with aerobic pump
  • Drainfield

How often should I call a septic company to pump my septic tank?

Depending on the number of people in your household and the size and age of your septic system, you should pump your tank every 2-3 years. You can expect to need to pump it more often if you use a garbage disposal.

How do I access my septic tank?

Most household septic system installations have 1 to 5 lids that are raised to grade or slightly below the surface of the ground. These need to be exposed before the system can be accessed.

Where is my septic tank located?

It could be anywhere around the perimeter of your home or business. If you need help locating it, we can probe the ground with a locating bar or use an electronic locating device to find it. It’s important to know the location of each component of your septic system for multiple reasons.

  • Pumping & maintenance
  • Preventing vehicles or machinery from driving over it
  • Keeping shrubs, trees and landscape features from harming it
  • Making sure any additions to your property such as a porch or walkway isn’t placed over it

Why is my pump alarm is going off?

The liquid level in the pump tank is either too high or too low, or an electrical problem exists in your system. You might try checking the circuit breakers. Otherwise, reach out for assistance from our friendly, certified technicians.

What do you do when the main line is plugged?

We clean the blockage in the line with a cable or jetter, which is a high-pressure water tool used to clean drain lines and drain field laterals.

What is a sewer camera?

This is a video camera put into a pipeline to inspect for cogs or breakages. We can look at the inside of the pipeline on a television monitor to get a clear view of its condition.

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Septic System FAQs

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